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    The Home Stretch.

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    I authorize NO LIMITS THEATER GROUP, INC. (“No Limits”) and its successors,
    licensees, and assigns to make use of my appearance in No Limits Theater Group, Inc. for any
    and all publicity, advertising, and marketing materials (printed and/or online) including the
    No Limits Theater Group, Inc. website, playbill, press releases, newsletters, social media, and
    media venues including television, video, photography, e-blasts, e-news, recording,
    Internet, research and data collection, quotations and DVDs (“NL Materials”).
    I understand that programs offered by NO LIMITS THEATRE GROUP, INC., may be recorded and may contain audio & video interactions that include my student.
    I hereby agree that I, myself, my assignees, heirs, guardians and legal representative will
    not claim against, sue or attach the property of the instructors at No Limits Theater
    Group, Inc., for injury or damage resulting from my
    participation in any class or elective.

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