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No Limits Parents Workshop

No Limits Parents Workshop
Join No Limits for a free, 3 part remote parent workshop focused on empowering families of children with hearing loss!

Part 1:
IEP Basics- What You Need to Know
Saturday, October 23, 11am-12pm
Featuring Janeen Steel, Esq. Senior Attorney, Vanaman German LLP

Janeen Steel founded the Learning Rights Law Center after graduating from UCLA Law School in 1999. For more than 15 years, she served as the Executive Director or Co-Executive Director. From 2012-2019, Ms. Steel served as Co-Executive Director overseeing Litigation at LRLC, focusing her efforts on the litigation practice, working more closely with clients, and supervising the other LRLC attorneys who provide direct advocacy work. She is currently a Senior Attorney at Vanaman German LLC where they are committed to successfully providing assistance to children with disabilities and families with members who are disabled.

Part 2:
Best Practices in Vocabulary Development
Saturday, November 6, 11am-12pm
Featuring Dr. Maura Martindale, Ed. D., LSLS Cert. AVEd., Associate Professor, Cal Lutheran University

Dr. Maura Martindale is a certified Auditory Verbal Educator. She is the founder and director of the Master’s Degree and Credential Program, and is an Associate Professor, at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. She has provided guidance and support to families of children with hearing loss in listening and spoken language at No Limits for Deaf Children centers in Southern California for over 15 years. Throughout her forty plus years teaching at numerous universities, Dr. Martindale has prepared hundreds of teachers of the deaf for schools and programs throughout the US.

Part 3:
Auditory and Language Development Works
Saturday, November 20, 11am-12pm
Featuring Dr. Sofia Ramirez, Ed. D, DHH Specialist and No Limits Program Director

Dr. Sofia Ramirez has been a D/HH teacher for over twelve years, working with deaf children from birth through high school. She is an expert in Remote Learning and has spearheaded No Limits' successful efforts to provide remote services to our community. Along with being the Oxnard Program Director, she is an Adjunct Professor with Cal Lutheran. Sofia prepares future D/HH teachers for excellence in the field. Sofia believes that teachers can foster language by making learning fun, interesting, and new.

No Limits believes that involving and educating families of children with hearing loss are a key to the success of their children. We hope you'll join us for this informative workshop!

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No Limits for deaf children and families
In Support of No Limits for deaf children and families
No Limits works with underserved deaf children and their families, teaching them the skills to succeed in school and in life through our after-school educational centers and distinguished theater arts program. We provide the highest quality of services at no cost to families, because every deaf child deserves to reach their full potential, regardless of economic status. 

We cultivate a community that actively involves parents in the education process, and instills in every deaf child the spirit of our motto: "I CAN DO IT!"

No Limits is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization Federal Tax ID: 95-4603048