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No Limits Home: Flood Fund
After a long Thanksgiving weekend, No Limits staff arrived at our Los Angeles headquarters to find firefighters filling the parking lot. We quickly learned that a pipe burst and flooded the entire Chase Bank, which has provided us a home for 18 years. Our Educational Center is completely underwater, the ceilings fell in, and all of our speech rooms and learning areas have been damaged. At this time, no one, including Chase, is allowed to occupy the building.

Because of safety, we have had to cancel our classes and our deaf children lose valuable time learning the language they need to catch up. 

With the holidays upon us, we ask for a gift of generosity so that we can make the repairs and renovations needed to be fully operational in time for the New Year. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible. 

Our children and families do not have a day to lose in the critical journey of language learning, and we don't want this flood to stand in their way. We are just starting to assess the full damages, but anything you can give to help us repair our home that our children and families love so much will be forever cherished.

Thank you!
No Limits for deaf children and families
In Support of No Limits for deaf children and families
No Limits works with underserved deaf children and their families, teaching them the skills to succeed in school and in life through our after-school educational centers and distinguished theater arts program. We provide the highest quality of services at no cost to families, because every deaf child deserves to reach their full potential, regardless of economic status. 

We cultivate a community that actively involves parents in the education process, and instills in every deaf child the spirit of our motto: "I CAN DO IT!"

No Limits is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization Federal Tax ID: 95-4603048