An Evening with No Limits Gala 2018

An Evening with No Limits Gala 2018

About This Event

Join us at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades for an inspiring evening overlooking the ocean, with delicious food, great entertainment, and unforgettable memories. We will be honoring our loyal supporter, friend, and Emmy winning TV Host & NY Times Best Selling Author, Leeza Gibbons, and No Limits parent and advocate, Leo Lee. Kathy Buckley and Fritz Coleman will host this incredible evening. 

All proceeds of the event will support the mission of No Limits, teaching low-income deaf children the skills to succeed in school and in life. Your life-changing contribution will not only teach deaf children how to speak, read, and write, but also to connect to the hearing world, removing the barrier of isolation and loneliness that can accompany deafness. No Limits believes every deaf child, regardless of economic status, deserves the same opportunities to gain the skills necessary to attend college and become a healthy, productive member of the community.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • Bel-Air Bay Club
  • 16801 Pacific Coast Hwy
  • Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
  • USA
  • Time:
  • Oct 18, 2018 06:00 pm to
  • Oct 18, 2018 09:00 pm

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No Limits for deaf children

Event to Support No Limits for deaf children

No Limits purpose is to provide high quality education for deaf children and their families in order for them to have the opportunity to not only attend college, but graduate from college.

  1. Jennifer and Doug Oleff
    Jennifer and Doug Oleff gave a $524.95 donation
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  2. Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore gave a donation
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    MELINDA MANCHESTER gave a $105.23 donation
    Congratulations, Leo! Sorry I can't be there to honor you for all your hard work. Meg Manchester
    6 days ago · Like
  4. David Kates
    David Kates gave a $375 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Enid Wizig
    In honor of Enid Wizig and in memory of Judy Kates, for their decades of service to hearing impaired children.
    7 days ago · Like
  5. Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson gave a $750 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Muriel Jackson
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  6. The Tony Robbins Foundation
    The Tony Robbins Foundation gave a $5,000 donation
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  7. Natalie Feingold
    Natalie Feingold gave a $375 donation
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  8. Chloe and Kirk  Sommer
    Chloe and Kirk Sommer gave a $1,060.70 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Adi Greenberg
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  9. Leeza & Steven Fenton
    Leeza & Steven Fenton gave a $4,750 donation
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  10. An anonymous donation of $5,302.30 has been made
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  11. David & Michelle Rosenberg
    David & Michelle Rosenberg gave a $5,302.30 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Adi Greenberg
    We are so happy you introduced us to No Limits. It is such an amazing organization! Looking forward to another successful evening!
    5 months ago · Like
  12. Martha Henderson
    Martha Henderson gave a $2,000 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Adi Greenberg
    Congratulations Adi on another successful event for No Limits for deaf children and families. Your friend, Martha Henderson
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